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The Turkish Towel

A peshtemal, or Turkish Towel, is a traditional towel that was used in Turkeys ancient baths.  Turkey and the surrounding Aegean Sea region, is known for it's quality cotton.  Towels in ancient times signified what region people were from and overall hold deep traditional ties for people in the region.  These wonderful towels have recently made their way around the globe and are quickly becoming the new must-have product. 
Because of the way it's loomed, the Turkish Towel has many benefits over the traditional terry.  It is very light weight which helps it to dry very quickly-yet it's at least if not more absorbent.  It takes up less space, it's easy to carry and it gets softer and more absorbent with every wash.  Another reason we love our Turkish towels is because they look and feel more luxurious than any other towel we've ever used.
We like to use our towel as a wrap, sarong, table cloth, car-seat cover, scarf, baby blanket, sofa cover, throw blanket, an extra splash of color at the end of the name it.  And at Prima Towels, we make sure every one is as beautiful as it is functional.