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The Turkish bathhouse has been in existence for thousands of years. The Pestemal, also known as a Turkish towel, is an integral part of the Turkish bath experience. Turkish towels are offered in a wide array of colors, designs, weights and textures. 

How does it differ from a terrycloth towel? 

Turkish towels are lightweight, thin and ultra absorbent. Although they are thin, they are oversized (Approximately 35in x 70in) yet extremely compact.The flat and smooth woven texture also makes them sand-free for the beach.  Unlike a thick terrycloth towel, Turkish towels are multi-purpose and take less time to dry. 

How can I use my Turkish towel?

Turkish towels can be used in countless ways. They are perfect for everyday use in the bathroom and are also the perfect travel essential.  They wrap beautifully around ones body as a sarong. They make a great picnic blanket, baby blanket or airplane blanket. They can be used as a furniture cover, tablecloth or even as a curtain panel. 

Are Turkish towels eco-friendly?

Turkish towels are extremely lightweight , making them an eco-friendly option. They dry quickly after using and don't take on a musty smell. This means that they can be washed less often. They also take up less space in the wash and line dry or machine dry much quicker than a traditional Terrycloth towel

Are there any harsh dyes or chemicals in my Prima Towels?

Prima Towels are loomed in Turkey using OEKO-TEX® certified yarns. This certifications means that they are free of any harsh chemicals or dyes. 

Are Turkish towels absorbent?

Turkish cotton is a premium cotton due to its extra long fibers. These extra long fibers will make your Prima towel softer, fluffier and more absorbent the more that they are laundered. Absorbency is not determined by the thickness of a towel, but by the quality of the fibers. Avoiding bleach, fabric softener and high heat will help to maintain the integrity of your Prima Towel.  

 How do I care for my Turkish towel?

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low or line dry. This means, don't wash them with your terrycloth towels. Instead, wash with your clothing that you give extra love to.  Your towels will become softer and more absorbent with each wash. Avoid bleach, fabric softener and high heat, this will keep your towel in great shape. Before first wash and occasionally after, tighten your hand tied tassels. Use a warm iron if necessary.